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#29: Martin Tobias – How I Reversed My Cellular Age by About 20 Years in the Last Two Years with Different Biohacking

One IPO, another successful exit and 80 investments in startups are just some of the accomplishments of today’s guest. Serial entrepreneurs...

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#27: Thomas Sylvest Håkansson – Finding a Way When The Doctors Say There is Nothing More To Do

How do you deal with a chronic disease that the doctors say there is nothing to do about? What do you...

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#26: Anette Sams – The Truth About Sugar and How to Reverse Diabetes 2

How do you reverse diabetes 2 through food and exercise? That is part of what this podcast episode is about. It...

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#25: Chuck Hazzard – What Most Experts Got Wrong About Sleep And How To Get The Most Out Of A Sleep Tracker

If you care about sleep then you need to hear this episode! I have listened to a ton of podcast about...

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#24: Dr. Scott Sherr – Biohacks That the Elite Uses in Silicon Valley and Fundamental Health Tips for All

I got a medical doctor who is at the forefront of health optimization medicine. He is also an expert in integrative...

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The awesome guest are interesting individuals who are experts within their field. Often areas as nutrition, meditation, exercise, relationships, business, general health and lifes bigger mysteries.


Martine Kveim

Positive Psychology Expert

Kartik Sreenivasan

PhD in Neuroscience
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Dr. Olli Sovijärvi

Medical Doctor & Biohacker

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