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#25: Chuck Hazzard – What Most Experts Got Wrong About Sleep And How To Get The Most Out Of A Sleep Tracker

If you care about sleep then you need to hear this episode! I have listened to a ton of podcast about sleep and read about the subject. But I never heard the real story about what we actually know about sleep and why this is essential to understand when hearing advice from sleep studies. If you have ever been stressed by your sleep tracking showing you that you are not getting enough deep sleep or looking into getting a sleep tracker then this is for you. 

Martin & Dasha told me several times that I had to interview Chuck Hazzard about sleep and health optimization. Thank you so much for that. This changed some of my views on sleep as Chuck might be one of the most balanced and knowledgeable people about health that I have meet and at the same time extremely pleasant to talk with.

He is an ultramarathon runner and Vice President of Oura Ring which most of the experts say is the best sleep tracker on the market. 

He shares his own personal journey, what we actually know about sleep, concrete sleep tips, what is important when selecting a sleep tracker and how not to get stressed by a sleep tracker but get true value from it.  

Another important thing Chuck shares is how to navigate this complicated health space.


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“Be your own scientist. You’re the best person to judge what works and doesn’t work for you. If it doesn’t cost you a lot of money, it’s worth trying. See if it helps and if it doesn’t, stop doing it before you invest big money. Do your own research. Talk to a lot of people. Don’t just trust the manufacturer.”

– Chuck Hazzard


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01:11 – Chuck shares how he became an expert in wearable devices, sleep tracking and running long distances

04:05 – How he became a test runner

05:25 – What a sleep tracker like the Oura Ring does and how the sleep study is done

07:54 – Interesting facts about sleep from a research standpoint

12:24 – Importance of deep sleep

13:29 – Determining the best time to sleep 

14:59 – How the Oura Ring tracks temperature and changes in heart rate

17:28 – Restlessness as a component of sleep and the factors affecting it

24:50 – Insulin load and how it affects your resting heart rate at night

28:07 – Explaining what chronotype means and relating them to the four animals in the book, The Power of When by Michael Breus

32:43 – Number of hours of sleep Chuck gets and shares the gadgets that help them achieve a good sleep

35:46 – Other routines and gadgets he uses while sleeping

40:05 – The importance of eating meals in a day

43:29 – The resources Chuck goes to when he wants to learn something new

44:30 – His advice on choosing who to listen to

47:13 – Where people can follow him

47:52 – Final words from Chuck

48:38 – Wrapping up the episode with the last question from Mads to better understand REM sleep



  1. Be your own scientists.
  2. Just try stuff. If it doesn’t cost you a lot of money, it’s worth trying. 
  3. Do your own research, talk to a lot of people. 











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#24: Dr. Scott Sherr – Biohacks That the Elite Uses in Silicon Valley and Fundamental Health Tips for All

I got a medical doctor who is at the forefront of health optimization medicine. He is also an expert in integrative hyperbaric medicine. And you might be wondering what the …. is that? Well, that and what some of the top consultancies, executives and tech companies are doing in Silicon Valley to get the edge is what you will learn about in this episode. 

Dr. Scott Sherr is the Founder of Integrative HBOT, a worldwide consulting, education, and advocacy telemedicine practice. He is also the COO of Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe), a nonprofit education company that is using a foundational approach to shift the conversation away from illness and into health. Dr. Scott also has the first HOMe clinic in the US-based in San Francisco. 

I got Scott personally recommended by great people such as Dasha and Tim. So really excited that I got a chance to talk with him and learn about health optimization medicine and nootropics. 

On today’s episode, Dr. Sherr also dives into the benefits and limitations of hyperbaric treatments as well as the expected results, how this therapy is helpful to treat a wide range of disorders and diseases, and how it positively affects patients with other conditions, including traumatic brain injuries, chronic pain, ulcerative colitis, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, musculoskeletal injury, stroke, and many others. Tune in and learn from Dr. Sherr’s health optimization expertise.



“The key is a foundation for all of us, in our own health. Then everything else is the icing on the cake to some degree.”

– Dr. Scott Sherr


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01:44 – How Dr. Sherr got involved with Health Optimization Medicine and especially into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

04:00 – What is HBOT and what certain diseases, complications or injuries it can heal

09:45 – Bringing the hyperbaric oxygen technology to more people

10:50 – HBOT sessions and how it works to heal acute injuries to chronic long-term injuries or diseases

16:00 – Soft (portable) chamber versus the hard chamber, their prices, which is suitable for neurocognitive diseases plus how HBOT can also help with jetlag

19:22 – The importance of foundational health and how Dr. Sherr utilize HBOT

20:16 – All about Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) 

26:10 – The three tests for the basic HOMe program and how to build a true foundational health

30:00 – Food sensitivity tests to improve your health – the regular IgE and the controversial IgG4

34:50 – HOMe’s mission and Dr. Sherr’s advice to feel better fast

36:51 – Nootropics and what you need to know about caffeine, nicotine, e-cigarette, and vape

40:05 – Blue Cannatine– a synthetic nootropic drug that is good for your health 

45:44 – The key to creating your own health journey

46:48 – Why sauna is one of Dr. Sherr favorite biohacking technology and his other health routine




  1. Have fun. Enjoy life and learn a lot in the process.
  2. Enjoy your failures because that’s where you learn the most.
  3. Always starts with you.



Dr. Dom D’Agustino 

Dave Asprey 

Dr. Ted Achacoso

Tim Gray



Health Optimization Medicine

Troscriptions – Blue Cannatine

Oura Ring 

Sunlighten Infrared Saunas, Detox and Relax From Home





Facebook – Integrative HBOT






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#23: Mette Skjærbæk – Concrete Tips for Natural Health and How to Choose Skin Care Products

How do you select a skincare product? I am often quite confused when looking at different products. Which ones are really the ones without all the bad chemicals? I would love to hear how you navigate that jungle?

I was lucky that I got a chance to talk with a real expert on the subject. Mette Skjærbæk who is not just an expert but also extremely warm and pleasant person gave some insight on the subject as well as concrete tips for natural health. For as she says skin products are only one part of the puzzle. Mette’s deep knowledge comes from being the founder and creative director of a pure, natural and active skincare brand from Copenhagen, Karmameju where they work with a top scientist. She was intrigued by natural health at a very young age and took up a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health. She also worked as a model for ten years, starting out when she was just 16 years old. 

On today’s episode, Mette shares her near-death experience that changed her life and how she started and builds Karmameju. Mette goes into what she does to stay healthy every day, why she uses sunscreen sparingly and how she prepares her family’s morning smoothie. She also shares, among other things, the relevant questions to ask when choosing the skin care products and how to test it out. Tune in and get Mette’s absolute best health and beauty tips.


“I believe that if you stay open and reach out and meet the world with a sense of kindness and curiosity, so many good things will come to you.”

– Mette Skjærbæk


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01:20 – Mette’s background; being a model for 10 years, her turning point and how she got into natural health

05:26 – What is natural health and Mette’s 3 main focus points

11:35 – Mette’s near-death experience and how her life changed and started Karmameju 

14:10 – Growing her company, developing skills and focusing on skin care

17:38 – How to know whether a product is organic or not and questions to ask when selecting skin care products

23:20 – An important issue on sunscreen products that everyone should know

26:55 – Key factors in choosing a brand to trust, why skin care is important even for men and what you should do before buying any skin care products

31:00 – Mette’s 80/20% lifestyle – on taking care of the inside of the body, detoxing, oils, and making a balanced diet

39:45 – The smoothie with many names – why Mette started making them and what she puts in it

43:35 – Karmameju’s belief on beauty and skin care, why weeds are good for you plus how Mette prepares her smoothie ingredients 

48:58 – All about pH – the importance of maintaining the skin’s pH value and Karmameju’s breakthrough product to help achieve it

56:00 – Why she put proofs like research and study on their website for the consumers to see 

1:00:09 – Mette’s key essentials of a happy life




  1. Hydrate 
  2. Sleep 
  3. Breathe 



Truth In Aging

Environmental Working Group (EWG)

How to Dry Brush the Body

How to Dry Brush the Face



Instagram – Mette

Instagram – Karmameju Skin Care

Facebook – Karmameju Skin Care

Youtube – Karmameju Skin Care






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#22: Jacob Strachotta – How to Use Hypnotherapy to Increase Performance or Overcome Stress, Sleep Issues, Traumas, and Other Challenges

Jacob Strachotta, is the Founder & CEO of HelloMind and Founder of The Institute for Advanced Hypnosis in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jacob Strachotta has worked with hypnosis and hypnotherapy for more than 25 years. He originally trained as a captain in the Danish Air Force.

In 2000, he founded The Institute for Advanced Hypnosis in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the years, he has trained more than 650 hypnotists and hypnotherapists. Advanced Hypnosis differs from traditional hypnosis in that it goes straight to the root of the problem, isolating it and then treating it. It is a version of this technique called RDH – Result Driven Hypnosis, that is featured in the HelloMind app.

In this episode, you will learn a lot about what hypnotherapy is and how it can benefit you. He will walk us through what happens into the process of hypnosis and what role the hypnotherapist play during the hypnosis, debunking false beliefs about it. And also learn how meditation and hypnosis are in some manner the same and at the same time very different.



“Meditation is good as well, but Hypnotherapy is better.” 

– Jacob Strachotta


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01:24 – What is Hypnosis

03:28 – What Hypnosis is not and how does it benefit a person

06:43 – How does hypnosis work

08:03 – How does hypnosis help a person

12:34 – What goes into the process of hypnosis and how long does it take to do it

14:47 – What actually happens during the hypnosis state

15:42 – The hypnotherapist role in hypnosis

18:06 – Advantages of being in a hypnotic stage

21:12 – HelloMind: Meditation|Hypnosis on the App: How good can this get

23:37 – What happens during the sessions, how long is it, and how does it work

28:59 – Is it okay to fall asleep during hypnotherapy

30:11 – Difference between meditation and hypnotherapy

32:33 – A study on eczema and self-hypnosis showed that HelloMind self-hypnosis app helped the person use significantly less hormone cream on a daily basis.

34:42 – Talking about health tech

35:37 – How often should you do hypnotherapy




  • Be curious always. It’s a very good skill to have all your life.
  • Take quick decisions because you can always do a new one if you need to.
  • Remember to love yourself because every person needs that to love other people. 










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#21: Sofia Popov – Concrete Steps to Optimize Your Health Through Microbiome Research and Home Test

Poop test also called gut microbiome test seems to be the new black in health optimization From discovering what to eat, helping with IBS and so many other things. I, therefore, took a talk with Sofia Popov who is a microbiome scientist. She is also the founder of GUTXY which is a company that helps people figure out how to incorporate the latest scientific findings on the microbiome into their daily lives. In this podcast, we go through some of the latest research, how to use it, my experience with microbiome test and how a startup like Zemedy also focus on the microbiome for IBS.

“Gut is the pivot – the start of everything. And if you look at it more holistically, it is very central. If you are not digesting properly, other areas of your body aren’t functioning equally as well. It is key for everything.”

-Sofia Popov





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O1:20 – Sofia talks about how she got interested in studying more about the human microbiome

04:08 –  The importance of the first 3 years of life in the foundation the gut microbiome

05:58 – Getting microbiome test and knowing your microbial signature: the key to better understanding health and nutrition

07:58 – The role of probiotics and prebiotics in inducing gut immunity

10:59 – Microbiome test: how it is done and what it tells you about your health

15:12 – Determining your healthy bowel, an overview of the Bristol Stool Chart

16:41 – Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), how it affects the gut-brain axis and how taking  a microbiome test can help to solve it

22:19 – How GUTXY’s microbiome program helps individuals get the proper intervention after getting their microbiome test results

27:00 – Food to optimize your microbiome: Sofia talks about the different microbiome friendly foods  

29:00 – How the Microbiome changed Sofia’s perception of having a healthy diet and restoring your gut

30:50 – Fermented food and its beneficial boost in getting good bacteria

32:47 – Microbiome and depression: how do they correlate?

33:56 – Sofia’s advice on becoming the best version of yourself



  1. Eat more leafy greens.
  2. Focus on being mindful.
  3. Believe in yourself.









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#20: Kiki Bosch – The Queen of Ice: Overcoming Rape, Anxiety and Pain

Kiki Bosch is an Ice Water Freediver, adventurer, practitioner, and coach at The Wim Hof Method. Having gone through rape, anxiety and pain she knows how to deal with the darker sides of life. She use these experiences to be positive light where she helps people break through barriers and overcome trauma in the journey of becoming happy, strong and healthy. She loves searching for truth and beauty in the world and helping others to do the same.

In this episode, Kiki’s takes us through some of her most incredible encounter with life and nature. She also shares her journey, and how the cold helped her overcome her past traumas, depression, and how you might be able to do the same. She also shares why ‘Disturb the Comfort’ is her life’s mantra.



“For me, the big shift is being able to shift my mindset…it is the constant reminder of the person I want to become.”

-Kiki Bosch


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01:59 –  Kiki’s transformation journey through her travels, how it helped her define herself

02:36 –  Finding her calling through freediving, feeling that it was something she needs to do

05:13 – Being raped by a colleague and how that caused her anxiety, pain, trauma and massive questioning of her purpose

07:44 – Regaining strength and health through The Wim Hof Method, how the cold therapy helped her find herself and live her present moment

10:58 – The mindset shift she had despite her bad experience

12:12 – The ice bath experience as your life’s mirror, experiences in the cold being a big mirror for life

13:41 – The tool in the toolbox: The Wim Hof Method benefits and component

16:57 – The power of being present in the moment, surrendering the pain and breathing technique, how Kiki handled her broken wrist and calmly bringing herself to the hospital

26:42 – Teaching the Wim Hof Breathing Method

27:57 – Embracing nature and being the nature and seeing nature in everything

29:57 – Compassion for her abductor, her perception on why he did the wrongdoing towards her and other victims

33:34 – Rewiring the brain through The Wim Hof Meditation, different ways to perceive life

33:45 – Forgiving and accepting, how to set boundaries and to be aware of people’s pattern of behavior

35:32 – Working and training elite athlete Mauricio Salazar. Helping him train for his challenges and events using the Wim Hof Method

42:15 – Visualization as a training routine to mentally prepare the body for the worst

46:06 – Kiki surviving a near-death experience

53:55 – Kiki’s parting words: “Stay focused, stay connected.”


Final recommendations from Kiki:

  1. Focus on yourself and how you fell
  2. Compassion for everyone and everything around you
  3. Know how much potential you have, realize how powerful you truly are


Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Kiki Bosch

Connect with Mads Misiak Friis

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#19: Tim Gray – Five fundamentals of biohacking

Tim Gray is a serial entrepreneur and the leading biohacker in the UK. He founded and ran a psychology based digital marketing agency based in London, and has many years of experience in NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy. Two years ago he founded Londons first private Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinic, and he also founded and runs the Health Optimisation / Biohacker Social Circle in London too. To top that off, he also is the Founder and CEO of the Health Optimisation Summit – which brings unity to the health space, by partnering with Paleo f(x)and Bulletproof Upgrade Conference. Tim shares concrete tips with his five fundamentals of Biohacking for top performance, or for taking back your health.

Show notes:

1.35: Tims story

4.50: Getting kidney stones and several other diseases

6.00: Getting into bulletproof coffee

7.02: What Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is

12.01: Starting the biohacker social group in London

13.40: Biohacking vs transhumanism

14.30: Biohacking or health optimization

18.40: Where to start with biohacking

20.15: Tims five biohacking fundamentals

20.30: How to optimize sleep

23.40: Using the Oura sleep tracker most effectively

25.00: Using a Grounding blanket

25.40: Using a Chilipad

27.45: Using lavender oil

28.15: Second area of Tims five fundamentals: Hydration optimization

32.45: Cutting down on supplements

35.50: Third area of Tims five fundamentals: Dental and oral optimization

39.30: Fourth area of Tims five fundamentals: Sun and light optimization

43.00 Understanding what grounding is

44.10: Fifth is of Tims five fundamentals. Oxygen and breathing optimization


Links to people mentioned:

Dr. Joseph Mercola:

Wim Hof:

Dasha Maximov:


Links to selected resources:

Health Optimisation Summit:

Oura Ring:


Totum sport:


Health Optimisation/biohacker London Social Circle Group:


Final recommendations from Tim:

Relax and focus on the five fundamentals: 1. Sleep, 2. Hydration, 3. Dental & Oral, 4. Sun & Light, 5. Oxygen & Breathing


Links to Tim:

#18: Dan Brulé – breathing for self-healing and top performance

Dan has personally trained more than 150,000 people in over 60 countries to use breath and breathing for self-improvement, self-healing, and spiritual awakening. He has trained Olympic athletes, elite warriors, and martial artists. He coaches leading medical experts, corporate executives, and peak performers including Tony Robbins. He is the author of several books including “Just Breathe: Master Breathwork for Success in Life, Love, Business and Beyond.” He shares some of his wisdom about breathing and concrete techniques in this episode.

Show notes:

3.02: What the best way to breath is

4.10: Working with Tony Robbins

5.20: What Breathwork help with

7.02: Why awareness is so important

10.00: Different breath techniques and how to get rid of the pain

12.15: Triangle breathing

13.40: Letting go through breathing

15.20: 70% of toxins are released through the breath

17.40: Breathing into different parts of the body

22.00: Science and medicine is catching up on old wisdom

23.02: Group flow might be the next thing western science will catch up on

25.20: Circle breathing

27.10: How to breathe in the morning “sniff and poo”


Recommendation from Dan:

Become conscious of your breath


Links to mentioned people:


Links to Dan:

#17: Martin & Artur – How to breathe for optimal energy and performance

Martin Petrus and Artur Paulins are both Wim Hof Method certified instructors and teach different breathwork techniques around Europe. They share some of the latest research and very concrete techniques for breathing optimally whether you’re an athlete or looking to improve your energy and health.


0.40: Artur’s journey into breathwork

1.03: Martin’s journey into breathwork

2.40: Why breathing is important

5.50: Whether you should breathe through your mouth or nose

7.08: How to breathe when doing high-intensity exercise

10.12: Good techniques for breathing

11.20: Diaphragm breathing

13.20: Technique for breathing after an exercise: Legs up against the wall

16.30: Is breathing in slowly and breathe out slowly really such a great technique?

20.40: Tips for holding your breath longer

22.30: Wim Hof breathing

27.05: What to do when you work in an office and hardly move

28.18: Breath light technique

32.02: What to do when breathing through your nose feels hard

34:00 Duct taping your mouth?

36:03: Artur’s other routines for being the best version of himself

37.25: Martins other routines for being the best version of himself

38:02: Tips for getting the most benefit out of a sauna

39.30: Cold exposure

44.30: Box breathing


Links to selected resources:


Links to people mentioned:


Links to references and studies:

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Final recommendations from Martin and Artur:

  • Martin: Do some kind of breathwork. A simple way can be box breathing which is used by navy seals and athletes
  • Artur: Use the Wim Hof breathing followed by a mindfulness and awareness practice


Links to Martin and Artur:

#16: Dr. Olli Sovijärvi – Concrete steps to getting better deep sleep

Olli Sovijärvi is a medical doctor and biohacker. He is co-author of “Biohacker´s Handbook” which a new book on biohacking with more than 1500 references. He is also co-founder of Biohacker Center and Biohacker Summit. He shares why he got into biohacking and how you can improve your deep sleep. He was also so kind as to provide a discount code for his new book. Just type “10OFF” when checking out. I don´t get an affiliate for promoting it but the book is fantastic. I can really recommend it!  


Show notes:

2.20: Ollis story from being a medical doctor to leaving the established system to finding a better way

5.05: Going deep into deep sleep

8.05: Genes that have an effect on your sleep

10.00: What DNA test to take

11.10: What to do to get good sleep

12.50: When to get your blue blocking glasses on

14.36: What temperature to sleep in

16.16: EMF and grounding

17.50: Ideal time to do sauna before sleep

21.10: Infrared sauna vs normal sauna

21.45: Difference on sauna that burns wood and runs from electricity

24.55: The nutrition and supplements that works well for sleep

30.22: Eating once a day

36.30: How to track sleep

49.40: How meditation can be key to better sleep

50.40: Honing before bed or not

52:29: Kiwis before bed or not


Final recommendations from Olli:

Be curious. Become the master of your own health. See yourself as an experiment.


Links to selected resources:


Links to Olli: