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The Growth Island podcast focuses on concrete strategies and shortcuts for how to live a happy, healthy and more meaningful life. Each podcast aims to educate, be fun and leave the listener with at least one tangible thing they can do to improve their life.

Guests are experts in a field and some are running a startup within the area and providing a product / service as a solution to today’s health challenges.

Unfortunately, today many people face serious challenges with their health! There are plenty of resources in the world, and some of the information can be overwhelming or negative. This podcast is a break from these doomsday messages! Here we focus on all the amazing opportunities we have for overcoming today’s health challenges.

Mads Misiak Friis – Podcast Host

I have always been interested in personal growth and high performance. From playing different sports at a high level at a younger age to discovering books by Dalai Lama to Anthony Robbins in my twenties. The journey led to a Bachelor in Business and Psychology at Copenhagen Business School, master classes in Psychology at Harvard, to several online courses and countless books on psychology, happiness, performance, health, and biohacking. In my research, I have found that many of the resources focus 80% on the problems we are facing and only 20% on the solutions.

I want to change this to only 20% on the problems and 80% on the solutions. The constant curiosity to learn more and desire to contribute to a more positive and fun way of learning about these subjects is the drive behind this podcast.

A lot of my waking hours are also spent on using the knowledge from the podcast to build health and well-being startups in the Venture/Start-up studio KRING.

I’m excited to be on this journey with you, learning about our individual happiness, health, meaning and the tactical tips and tricks for improving it. Please feel free to reach out if there are any specific topics / experts you’d like for me to interview.


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