#8: Andy Mant – Why different types of light might be messing up your health & what to do about it

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Health & Fitness, Performance

Andy Mant is a biohacker and entrepreneur focused on the effect of light on our health. He founded Blublox which sell blue blocking glasses. He goes into detail about the effect of artificial light, the importance of natural light and how we can improve our health by being aware of these mechanisms.


  • 0.45: How Andy got into biohacking
  • 2.00: What circadian rhythm is
  • 3.20: Why light is important
  • 3.45: Hormones regulated by light
  • 5.20: Good and bad light
  • 7.21: Getting natural light first thing in the morning
  • 10.25: Sleeping with a sleep mask
  • 12.08: Why looking through windows is not enough
  • 12.48: Lux of light
  • 15.25: Whether to use a wakeup lamp or not
  • 16.26: Why incandescent red light bulbs are good for your home
  • 17.06: The effect on your hormones from the pulsing of light
  • 18.03: What kind of light you should have in your home
  • 21.01: Is sunscreen actually bad for you?
  • 22.04: Why sun exposure to the skin is so important
  • 28.00: How to navigate light when you are also living a normal light
  • 30.01: Why you should get blue blocking glasses and what to look for
  • 34.04: Fitbit and its effect on your sleep
  • 34.35: The oura ring
  • 37.35: Striking a balance with doing the “right” healthy chose and being social
  • 39.04: Blublox
  • 42.09: Collaboration with the Australian national football team


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Links to selected resources:

Light and Health Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/135133877132861/about/






Final recommendations from Andy:

  • 1. Get outside and watch the sunrise every morning
  • 2. Invest in a good quality blue blocking glasses that block up to 550 nanometers
  • 3. Eat a good quality seasonal diet


Links to Andy:


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