#6: Martine Kveim – Great Lessons You Can Learn From Positive Psychology

by | Nov 24, 2018 | Family, Friends & Social Life, Fun & Recreation, Health & Fitness, Love & Relationship, Performance, Personal Development

Martine an entrepreneur, kitesurfer and expert on positive psychology. She has co-founded Young Happy Minds which teaches kids about positive psychology and now also expanded with courses to adults. She shares techniques from positive psychology to live a more happy life and perform at your best.  


  • 1.35: How Martine got started with positive psychology.  
  • 2.30: Martines journey for meaning through kitesurfing, meditation to positive psychology.
  • 4.35: What positive psychology is.
  • 6.40: The PERMA model.
  • 09.48: Why you should start a gratitude journal.
  • 14.20: Working with positive psychology and prisoners.
  • 15.16: How our brains are hardwired for the negative.
  • 18.08: Why exercise might be better than antidepressant
  • 21.00: How random acts of kindness can make you happier.
  • 23.12: What Young Happy Minds is.
  • 28.16: What happiness does to your performance and why you should give your doctor a lollipop.
  • 32.19: Martines routines.


Links to people mentioned:

Tal Ben Shahar: http://www.talbenshahar.com/

Dr. Martin Seligman: https://www.authentichappiness.sas.upenn.edu/faculty-profile/profile-dr-martin-seligman

Shawn Achor: http://www.shawnachor.com/

Alexander Aventh: https://growthisland.io/2-alexander-avanth-how-to-use-technology-in-a-mindful-manner-that-improves-your-life/


Links to selected resources:


Final recommendations from Martine:

  • Write down 3 things you are grateful for each day or 3 days a week.


Links to Martine:





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