#54: Mads Friis: TAGTalk – Hacks for a meaningful life

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Personal Development

I had the pleasure of being invited to share some of my key takeaways from Growth Island for the wonderful people from TalentGarden and their audience. 


The episode delivers some of the simplest and easiest things you can try out in your own life to find more meaning and happiness.
My goal with the talk is that after you listen to this, you will take away at least one concrete thing that you will try to implement in your life.


I hope you enjoy the episode 🙂


Show Notes


0:40 Breathing exercise

2:10 The agenda of my TagTalk

5:20 How to get 80% results with 20% of the work

8:25 What are the things that make us happy

11:13 Gratitude Journaling, a simple thing with amazing returns on happiness

15:20 How to prioritize things appropriately and learning to say No

19:15 How to use a calendar

20:00 Why meditate?

20:58 How to sleep better?

22:10 The importance of limiting notifications

23:15 Go easy on yourself

23:57 How to reach your goals and build new habits

26:26 Questions from the audience



Cheat Sheet: How to reach your goals and build new habits https://growthisland.io/my-harvard-guide-on-how-to-reach-your-goals-and-build-new-habits/

Talent Garden https://talentgarden.org/

TAG Talk Video https://www.facebook.com/talentgardenrainmaking/videos/1748609575288358




You can also watch the video on Youtube


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