#41: Christa Jørgensen – How to avoid a stress meltdown or recover from one

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Career & Education

Do you also love to work, but have friends or family often commenting that you properly work too much? Or are you one of the many people who have been hit by stress?

Then this episode is for you. I love to work and see it as a calling, but I am also very aware that anyone can get hit by stress. And that it is not just a question of loving what you do.

The number of people getting stressed has been increasing over the last years and it’s like an epidemic in the modern world, especially with all the technology which makes it possible to be available and check up on work all the time. 

I therefore found an expert to talk with about how to avoid a stress meltdown or how you can recover from one. I had the pleasure of talking with Christa Jørgensen who is a trained psychologist. She has worked at hospital, been a subject expert at a consultancy within stress and well-being and is now working as a psychologist and coach with companies and private individuals where she focuses on stress. 

I hope you will enjoy this episode that dives into very concrete things you can do today whether you are on top of your game right now or in a situation of recovering.



00:58 – How Christa got into psychology and stress

01:58 – Stress in today’s society 

03:23 – What is stress?

06:16 – What can we do to prevent it?

11:14 – How do we get to know ourselves better?

14:33 – A word on mindfulness 

19:20 – Workplaces and stress 

25:30 – What to do if you are stressed

35:45 – The phone and stress

43:14 – How to get in contact with Christa 


Connect with Christa Jørgensen 


Link to Full Catastrophe living, John Kabat-Zinn





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