#4: Sarah Hammeken – What to ask yourself to figure out what you really want to do

by | Oct 28, 2018 | Career & Education, Family, Love & Relationship, Performance, Personal Development

Sarah Hammeken is a mind, performance and success coach. She helps professionals to find their vision & reach their full potential. Her background is Management Consulting in Deloitte and HR in different companies. Sarah shares her story of the “perfect” life that felt very imperfect. She tells how she is now pursuing her dream and some of the tools she uses to help others pursue their dream and find optimal performance. THIS EPISODE IS IN DANISH – all future episodes will be in English.


  • Quitting her job without involving her husband first and how he reacted. 2:01
  • How cancer in the family changed Sarah’s focus. 4.00
  • From victory feeling of being brave by quitting to crisis and how Sarah solved it. 5.03
  • The entrepreneurial journey from expensive website with no results, to hunting customers on Starbucks to having to many paying clients. 7.04
  • How to get succes. 9.07
  • Why people don’t go for their dreams. 11.00
  • What to ask yourself to figure out what you really want to do. 12.45
  • Reactive vs being proactive and why that matter in regards to happiness. 17.20
  • Why you sometimes need a burning platform. 19.00
  • Challenges that many women face. 22.39
  • Some of Sarah’s routines. 24.23
  • Who inspires Sarah most at the moment. 27.43


Links to people mentioned:

Jacob Mchangama: http://justitia-int.org/om-justitia/jacob-mchangama/


One final recommendation from Sarah:

  • Find the courage to live the life you want to do


Links to Sarah:








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