#37: Solo Episode With My Key Takeaways From The First 4 Episodes

by | Mar 7, 2020 | Health & Fitness, Performance, Personal Development

In this episode, I’m discussing what I have learned from the first four episodes, how I’m implementing some of the things, what I didn’t manage to implement and what I’ve learned from that. 

Some key takeaways are morning smoothies, pomodoro technique, mushrooms, mindfully using tech and questions to ask yourself to find your direction with life. 

The guests were Niels Vium, Daniel Espeland, Alaxander Avanth, Sarah Hemmeken.

Show notes

  • Find out about the mistake I was making while taking my morning smoothie and how I rectified this. 1:56
  • How I have been using the Pomodoro Technique we discussed in EP 1 and the kind of results I have been getting. 2:00
  • Discover the knowledge I acquired about Mushrooms from Daniel who is a mushroom expert in Ep 2. 2:30
  • Find out how one of my friends has been using Reishi powder. 03:08
  • Find out how I have been using some of the products derived from mushroom i.e. the Lion Mane, the Oyster. 3:20
  • The lessons I have learned from the third episode featuring Alexander, how I’m currently using my phone and tech mindfully. 4:23
  • How I’m setting intentions for the day and the next day and the kind of impact I’m experiencing. 4:54
  • After shying away from mediation, how I managed to finally get into a meditation habit.  5:29
  • My meditation routine and the App that I’m using 6:03
  • The smoothie prepping trick I learned from Sarah my guest on Ep 4, which really has been a game changer for me time wise. 6:50
  • What is the one question to ask yourself in order to find out what direction you want to take in your life. 7:13


Links to episodes  mentioned:

Episode 1: https://growthisland.io/1-niels-vium-how-to-start-your-day-and-be-productive-at-work/

Episode 2: https://growthisland.io/2-alexander-avanth-how-to-use-technology-in-a-mindful-manner-that-improves-your-life/

Episode 3:  https://growthisland.io/3-daniel-espeland-why-you-should-start-eating-mushrooms-today/

Episode 4: https://growthisland.io/4-sarah-hammeken-what-to-ask-yourself-to-figure-out-what-you-really-want-to-do/


Links to selected resources:

Insight Timer Meditation App: https://insighttimer.com/




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