#36: Top Up Your Performance with Concrete Biohacking Techniques with Martin Kremmer, Olli Sovijarvi and Martin Tobias

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Health & Fitness

5-20% performance increase might be the difference between success and failure. This is one of the promises of biohacking. In a high performing start-up culture, burnout is a real issue and often people are too stressed out to even see a doctor. 

As a result, many fall into a vicious cycle of bad habits including energy drink, sleep/stress medication, quick and unhealthy meals and no time for exercise. This again is where biohacking comes into the picture. Focus on maximum benefit with the least amount of resources and time.

This is a special episode for you because this is from TechBBQ, which is one of the leading Tech and Innovation Summit in Scandinavia. 

I had the pleasure of putting together a panel debate so I found some amazing people actually three former guests, Martin Kremmer, one of the leading Danish Biohacker, Martin Tobias, the CEO of Upgrade Labs, which is one of the coolest labs in the world with the coolest and newest biohacking gear. And no other than Olli Sovijarvi, medical doctor, author of the Biohacker Handbook, the Biohacker Summit and one of the leading figures as well in this biohacking space. So we’re going to go into the topic of “Top Up Your Performance with Concrete Biohacking Techniques”. 

So big credits to TechBBQ for hosting the event and credit to Vinia Media for recording this event. Let’s jump into this episode.

This episode is also brought to you in collaboration with KRING. KRING is the Venture builder that I am a partner in. We focus on building new companies that can make a positive difference within the health and wellbeing space. So if you are considering starting or company as a co-founder or joining a startup then please check out www.kring.com 


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“A more popular way of describing biohacking: it’s the art and science of really optimizing your life.” 

– Martin Tobias



“Use technology to learn how to interpret your own body signals and understand what stress actually is all about.”

Martin Kremmer 



 “In biohacking, we are creating a preventive health care system so that people don’t need that sick care system as much.”

– Olli Sovijarvi



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During our discussion, you’ll discover:


What is biohacking? (05:06)

“This is just a tool and manual for how to operate your system more functionally and how to become a better version of yourself.” – Olli Sovijarvi

“A more popular way of describing biohacking: it’s the art and science of really optimizing your life. And I often add to that, that it’s about finding the balance between what’s emerging science that you can apply.” – Martin Tobias



Demystifying biohacking: What is the biggest clashes in the Medical world?  (10:22)

“So the biggest clash is that we don’t have a preventive health care system. And this is a system for preventive health care. In biohacking, we are creating a preventive health care system so that people don’t need that sick care system as much.”– Olli Sovijarvi



Biohacking and technology? (11:08)

“Use technology to learn how to interpret your own body signals and understand what stress actually is all about.”- Martin Kremmer 



What are the top hacks? What do you guys do and what would you recommend for mental health? (11:47)

“One of the things that we do at upgrade Labs is that we have a lot of technologies that train the brain. And many people in the past thought that health was only about physical fitness, how you look in the mirror your BMI, but it turns out that your brain is much more.”– Martin Tobias

“For me, the most beneficial biohacks in that area have been meditation. And if you take that another notch neurofeedback and what neurofeedback can do is use technology, put electrodes on your head, you look really funny, but it trains your brain using technology to get it the benefits of meditation, but in less time.”– Martin Tobias

“You can actually reprogram your mind, you can reprogram your habits. You actually notice that nothing is really disturbing you and when you have some thought patterns.” Martin Kremmer 



What is inflammation its effect on the body?  (16:23)

“An inflammation that you don’t necessarily notice. Usually, people don’t notice. There’s some degree of inflammation in the cells and in the body going on all the time. But the higher it gets, the more risk you have for all kinds of degenerative diseases.”– Olli Sovijarvi



What is your view on micro-dosing? (19:53)

“I’m a big fan of micro-dosing nicotine You should never smoke, but nicotine is actually very good for you.” – Martin Tobias



What is the most useful biohacking technology? (20:24)

“For me, the most important technology that I implemented was the Oura ring, which is for tracking sleep. And what it did is give me some real-time data but also connected with actual actionable things.”– Martin Tobias

“A lot of these kinds of biofeedback devices where you get immediate feedback, as per se, your physiological responses to different things. So this is really interesting, in my opinion, to have like, actual data on the moment, there’s a question about like some physical laboratory tests.” – Olli Sovijarvi

“It’s called the HeartMath Inner Balance Sensor. And it’s literally a clip that basically connects via Bluetooth to your phone, and it builds on that heart rate variability. With a metrical heart rate called coherence. It is a real-time signaling system of whether you’re stressed or not.”– Martin Kremmer


Low hanging fruits: what are the top five hacks? (26:39)

  1. Get your sleep.
  2. Figure out what food is best for you. 
  3. Get out in nature. 
  4. Learn to meditate and take control of your body. 
  5. Use Oura ring or different devices to figure out and track your stress level.




  1. NADH supplementation. Do something to improve their energy levels. – Martin Tobias
  2. Do something to improve your sleep, which includes firstly tracking your sleep.– Martin Tobias
  3. Do something for the regenerative nature of your immune system like stem cell treatment.– Martin Tobias
  4. You have to do something to manage inflammation. You really need to be aggressive about reducing inflammation in your body.– Martin Tobias
  5. Do heat and cold alteration. Develop this kind of resilience. – Olli Sovijarvi


















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