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Mads Misiak Friis

Founder & Podcast host

I have always been interested in personal growth and high performance. From playing different sports at a high-level from a younger age to discovering books by the Dalai Lama to Anthony Robbins. The journey led to me completing a Bachelor in Business and Psychology at Copenhagen Business School and a Master with a semester studying Psychology at Harvard University.

In my research, I have found that many of the resources focus 80% on the problems
we are facing and only 20% on the solutions. I want to flop this statistic around. The constant curiosity to learn more and desire to contribute to a more positive and fun way of learning about these subjects is what drives this podcast.

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Featured Guests

Martine Kveim

Martine Kveim

Positive Psychology Expert

Martine an entrepreneur, kitesurfer and expert on positive psychology. She has co-founded Young Happy Minds which teaches kids about positive psychology and now also expanded with courses to adults. She shares techniques from positive psychology to live a more happy life and perform at your best
Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill

PHD in Neuroscience

Andrew Hill is an expert on neurofeedback, he has trained Ben Greenfield’s brain. Andrew is the founder and director of Peak Brain Institute. He’s been a lecturer at the University of California UCLA for almost 13 years and he has a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience.
Dr. Olli Sovijärvi

Dr. Olli Sovijärvi

Medical Doctor & Biohacker

Olli Sovijärvi is a medical doctor and biohacker. He is co-author of “Biohacker´s Handbook” which a new book on biohacking with more than 1500 references. He is also co-founder of Biohacker Center and Biohacker Summit. He shares why he got into biohacking and how you can improve your deep sleep.

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